wis5039 ::  Antje Rößeler :: Stockholm Trio
Stockholm Trio
Antje Rößeler
PIT3012 :: Carrothers, Bill :: I love Paris
I love Paris
Carrothers, Bill
901088her :: Bassenge, Lisa :: Mothers
Bassenge, Lisa
dt1012 :: Hassenstein, Christian :: Cause and Consequence
Cause and Consequence
Hassenstein, Christian
A5026LE :: Gojo, Filippa :: Vertraum
Gojo, Filippa
mons622 :: Pinto, Sonia :: Why try to change me now
Why try to change me now
Pinto, Sonia
A5030 :: Corman, Mascha / Emco :: Schwanenkampf
Corman, Mascha / Emco
RJAL397034 :: Courtois, Vincent :: Love of Life
Love of Life
Courtois, Vincent
A5037 :: Stoermer, Lars / Quartett :: Rondgard (CD)
Rondgard (CD)
Stoermer, Lars / Quartett
901076her :: Bassenge, Lisa :: Borrowed and blue
Borrowed and blue
Bassenge, Lisa
a5035 :: Böhmer, Andres :: Von Oben
Von Oben
Böhmer, Andres
RJAL397030 :: Courtois, Vincent :: Bandes originales
Bandes originales
Courtois, Vincent
A5029 :: Fuhrmann, Gary / Eld Now :: Hic et nunc
Hic et nunc
Fuhrmann, Gary / Eld Now
A5028 :: Brodersen, Kristina & Tobias Weindorf :: Traffic
Brodersen, Kristina & Tobias Weindorf
A5023LE :: Brodersen, Kristina & Tobias Weindorf :: Rabaneo
Brodersen, Kristina & Tobias Weindorf
RJAL397021 :: Courtois, Vincent :: West
Courtois, Vincent
RJAL397017 :: Carrothers, Bill :: Love and Longing
Love and Longing
Carrothers, Bill
A5017 :: Gojo, Filippa :: Nahaufnahme (CD)
Nahaufnahme (CD)
Gojo, Filippa
PIT3067 :: Carrothers, Bill :: Castaways
Carrothers, Bill
RJAL397015 :: Courtois, Vincent :: Mediums
Courtois, Vincent
mons530 :: Baldauf, Rüdiger :: Trumpet Night
Trumpet Night
Baldauf, Rüdiger
RJAL397010 :: Courtois, Vincent :: L' imprévu
L' imprévu
Courtois, Vincent
A5007 :: Schumann, Mischa :: I. Matters
I. Matters
Schumann, Mischa
mons464 :: Brodersen, Kristina & Tobias Weindorf :: You'n Me
You'n Me
Brodersen, Kristina & Tobias Weindorf
mm801131 :: Bassenge, Lisa :: Won't be home tonight
Won't be home tonight
Bassenge, Lisa
NRW7004 :: Schumann, Mischa :: The logical turn
The logical turn
Schumann, Mischa
mons382 :: Triosence :: Away for a while
Away for a while
mons354 :: Triosence :: First enchantment
First enchantment