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Hofmann, Shirley Anne / Euphoria
From the depths

CD, lus001, EAN 4025083200891 / DX2
Jazz, (c) 1995, Import

S.A.H. euph, sousa,tb, flgh, tp, acc, p, mar, melod, keys, voc, Pippin Barnett dr, perc, guests on Momo: J.M. Rossel e-bow, git, fiddle, Peter Schärli flgh, tp, Rupert Volz bottle groove

  1. The lonely moose
  2. Geneva
  3. Mr. Data
  4. Down in Prescott way (sex got into Prescott)
  5. Momo
  6. A lunar story
  7. Inch worm
  8. Bratko-toffel
  9. Afro blue
  10. The genius
  11. From the depths
  12. Somewhere over the rainbow
  13. Waltzing at Eurodisney