4250459992463 8098 0600px 001

Philipp Gropper’s Philm

CD, wpj046

Wpj050 4250459992500.main

Bottom Orchestra
Songs of work

CD, wpj050

4250459910092 8098 1200px 001

Crime Jazz Orchestra
Violent Cities

CD, Big1009

4260054555307 8098 0600px 001

Rüdiger Baldauf
Trumpet Night

CD + DVD Video, mons530

Tt4667 cov

Tamara Lukasheva
Homebridge (Quartet 2019)

CD, TT4667

0768114867802 8098 1200px 001

Dine Doneff
in / out (EP: 21min)

CD, nrered2


Martin Ehlers
Asking For The Moon

CD, nrw8012

4025083230683 8098 1200px 001

Corona (Duo)
Old Devil Moon

CD, nrw3068

4260054555550 8098 0600px 001

Norbert Gottschalk

LP (analog), mons555LP

4260054555475 8098 0600px 001

Norbert Gottschalk

CD, mons547

Wpj045 4250459991459.main

Gebhard Ullmann / Basement Research
Impromptus and Other Short Works

CD, wpj045

Benyamin nuss max nyberg digitalvertrieb und print 1

Benyamin Nuss & Max Nyberg
Mia Brentano's Hidden Sea

CD, mr610

0888295568715 8098 0600px 001

Marc Copland
Nightfall (piano solo)

CD, ivj104

Pit3106 front large

Kenny Werner
The Space (piano solo)

CD, pit3106

4260054556151 8098 0600px 001

BigBand Der Deutschen Oper / Christian Brückner
A Soul Journey

CD, MR874615

4260041181038 8098 0600px 001

Robert Landfermann

CD, pit3103


Jan Garbarek
ECM Rarum 02/Selected recordings (2-CD)

CD, ECM8002

Holly schlott cover 1440px

Holly Schlott
2 Spirits

CD, nrw8019

4250459950371 8098 1200px 001

Lars Stoermer

CD, A5032

Wpj042 4250459991428.main.2400

Philip Zoubek
Outside (Trio)

CD, wpj042

W114 flickstick


CD, W114


favo 3

CD, NRW8016

4250459991398 8098 1200px 001

Stefan Schultze
System Tribe (piano solo)

CD, wpj039

4260041181052 8098 0600px 001

Hubert Nuss
Standards and other stories

CD, pit3105

4250459901120 8098 1200px 001

Heiner Schmitz
SYMPROPHONICUM: sins & blessings

CD, w112

Pit3101 front

Henning Sieverts
Aerea (w/ Symmethree)

CD, Pit3101

4260041181045 8098 0600px 001

Kathrin Pechlof
Toward the Unknown

CD, PIT3104

4260041181007 8098 0600px 001

Larry Goldings / Peter Bernstein / Bill Stewart
Toy Tunes

CD, PIT3100


Jan Garbarek
Rosensfole, Songs From Norway

CD, ecm1402

Fly cover highresjpg

Veronika's NDIIGO / Veronika Stalder

CD, NRW8018

Steffen schorn zurich jazz orchestra three pictures print und digitalvertrieb 400x400

Zurich Jazz Orchestra / Steffen Schorn
Three Pictures

CD, mr87611

Wpj043 4250459991435.main.2400

The Jig Is Up

CD, wpj043

Wpj044 4250459991442.main.2400

Mads la Cour’s Almugi

CD, wpj044

4260054556038 8098 0600px 001

Paul Heller
Meets Roman Schwaller

CD, mr874603

Denisg%c3%a4bel cover

Denis Gäbel
The Good Spirits

CD, mr874605

Peter hedrich print digitalvertrieb 400x400

Peter Hedrich / feat. Jiggs Whigham
New Hope

CD, mr874612

4250459999233 1200px front

Christian Hassenstein
Cause and Consequence

CD, DT1012

4250459901137 w113

No Tango / Christina Fuchs

CD, wis113

Cov a5033 3

Holzig (first album)

CD, A5033

4250459950326 1200px front

Kammerjazz Kollektiv
Canto (Special Ed.)

CD, A5032

Pit3094 front

Pablo Held

CD, pit3094

Jcoa 01

Michael Mantler
The Jazz Composer's Orchestra / with Cecil Taylor ...

CD, JCOA1001

Heiner schmitz cover organicunderground 4250459950364

Heiner Schmitz
Organic underground

CD, A5036

Rs035 4250459999356.main.2400

Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters

CD, RS035

Cover a5035 b%c3%96hmer

Andres Böhmer
Von Oben

CD, A5035

Pit3102 front

Pablo Held
Glow II

CD, PIT3102

Wpj040 4250459991404.main.2400


CD, wpj040

Nered 1

Dine Doneff / Kostas Theodorou
Rousilvo 2017

CD, neRED1

4260054555703 0600px front

One summer Night (Limited Edition-LP)

LP (analog), mons570LP

Pit3099 front

Kenny Werner Trio
Animal Crackers

CD, pit3099